Please visit Mann ki window.

Hey guys. I have changed the name of my blog. to Mann ki window  

I used to blog … err actually crib about my life as a teenager. Since I am all grown up now, I write about different things. I would like to think that I write about meaningful things I came up with “Keep smiling” My hubby, Soumitra Pal likes “Mann ki window” and “Oye God” My sister, Rekha Navani says that the few people who read my blog feel content and hence the name could be “Tickled pink”

With his grace, my well wishers, Rajat Joshi, Ramchandra Kumble Viresh K. Vora Vishal Anam Hemant Naik Vinisha Nambiar Satish Rathi too have found the time to think and suggest names.

Some really meaningful names were

Sauce Sax with Sunayna..Saunter with Sunayna.. (I have kept this one for some column in some newspaper some day)

My friend Vishal Anam suggested names with meanings and it was so delicious to read and feel so appreciated.

Rainbow – Since your stories present multiple colours of life

Morning Dew – because you have a fresh perspective to everything

Banyan Tree – because it keeps standing all the time observing world around

Pal Pal Dil ke paas – Goes with your last name… and your blog is about everyday moments

I finally had my Eureka moment with mann ki window though not immediately. but i hope u guys keep reading and keep appreciating.

Thank you with all my heart.